Housewares: How to infuse your home with good scents

Walk into a fancy hotel or a luxury retailer these days and you will be embraced by fragrance: a bouquet of exotic flowers, perhaps, or a touch of forest-fresh pine or a hint of delicate baby powder.

Mood maintenance, commercial scenting, sensory branding or scent marketing are different terms to the same outcome.

Each fragrant whiff is designed to encourage customers to stay a little longer and spend a little more. But scent is not just for your favourite boutique. It's also an important part of your home decor. Scent sets the mood, expresses your style and can even clean the air. That’s why we love these gorgeous room sprays and diffusers.

Micro Diffuser

Forget those tacky wall plug-ins and hippy-dippy incense burners. This portable version of our Micro Scent Diffuser is sleekly sophisticated, slightly edgy and elegantly suited for any home. It can run for hours, wafting fragrance through your rooms. This diffuser is an ideal gift to your entourage or even to yourself.Turn your kitchen in a real Patisserie or your living room in a relaxing Zen Garden in no time.

Reed Diffuser

Summer is already over, but not when you can bring it home with the power of scent. Our Coconut scent can change the mood in a room with a simple spritz. Nothing, after all, triggers memory like our sense of smell.