Scent Australia creates the new signature scent of Samsung Australia

Scent Australia creates the new scent of Samsung Australia


Scent Australia was asked to create an inspiring and captivating aroma for the newest Samsung concept store at Melbourne Central.

Scent Australia staff and perfumers worked with Samsung Australia to create an amazing and uplifting scent to take the concept store to the next level.

According to Scent Australia founder Daniel Green, the Aroma of Samsung is described as “Zesty bergamot top notes enhanced by touches of juicy cucumber & blended with hints of an ozonic sea breeze accord”

Furthermore Andrew O’Keefe, National Sales Manager explains that the scent is complemented by “sheer cashmere musk” which adds complexity to the signature of this unique fragrance.



According to Scent Australia’s master perfumer the inspiration for this scent is a picture in his mind of an orchard of bergamot trees growing in Calabria, laden with ripe bergamot fruit in a dewy morning, gently bathed in a ozonic sea breeze coming from the nearby sea. The sun is just coming up and its warmth is starting to bathe the whole area.

We are sure that you will agree that the new Samsung Scent is inspirational and adds a wonderful ambiance to this amazing concept store.

Due to its success, the Signature Scent is also currently diffused in Samsung Sydney CBD.