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Fragrances in Sample Pack

This premium fragrance combines floral, citrus and sweet notes. This scent is slightly feminine and injects a sensation of relaxation and elegance.

Plants De Eau
Waterfall accord, cyclamen flowers, hints of lemon rind, mint and sheer jasmine.

Top notes of lemon, lime, mandarin orange and bergamot.

Santal 66 (Black)
Sandalwood, cedar, papyrus, leather, amber, violet flowers.

White Tea & Ginger Flowers
Fresh cut ginger with bergamot and mandarin lifted by a crisp watery effect given by iced cucumber. White pepper and musks add warmth to the background. 

Fig Tree
A heart of cool and refreshing green fig leaves, with lavender flowers and zesty lemon, supported by a woody complex of American cedarwood and Patchouli.

White T
A sophisticated white tea accord with refreshing bergamot have been masterfully united with the richness and warmth of jasmine and lavender.

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