Scented Brand Extension Sample (International)



  • Design: completely bespoke, from vessel, packaging, wax type, wick, etc. 
  • Product options include; Premium candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and eau de parfum.
  • Minimum Order Quantity per Product: 2,000 units
  • Unit Pricing Range: $5 to $30+ per unit
  • Credit: this spend will be credited against any future manufacturing orders 

Work with our international manufacturing team who has designed bespoke luxury Candles, Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays and many other scented products for some of the world's most famous brands, fashion houses, luxury hotels and casinos. 

FAQs - to get the most out of your design meeting, please read over the below beforehand

Why do I need to pay this fee before securing a meeting?

Scent Australia gets many enquiries daily and can only move forward with the most serious leads. 

What to bring to a design meeting?

  • Desired Quantities and price point 
  • Any recipes
  • Mood Boards of: Vessel, Packaging and Scent
  • Any samples
  • Die Lines of Packaging 
  • Anything else

Can the design meeting be done virtually? 

Yes we can have phone meetings to discuss your project requirements

Whats the process?

1. They show us the glass they want - we match it as close as possible - we can't get an exact match, but have approx. 10 to 20 thousand pieces in the factory - we will match as close as possible. If they want custom glass, MOQ's are 10 - 100k pieces for a mold.
2. They show us the packaging they want - we will build it off this. Packaging needs to be in a die line and include the CMKY color scheme, paper type, etc.
3. Sample - $1k for a sample - to be credited against future
4. Anything is really possible... you just need to tell us what you want

Recommendations on design:
- go through Pinterest to see what you want / like
- premium = 200g candle plus
- wax - we can do any option

If I want multiple scents, do I have to buy multiples of this product?

Yes, one purchase of this product gives you access to just one sample. The reason being, a lot of work goes into procuring the fragrance sample and the design and manufacturing process for just one unit.

What are the timelines for candle production of 1k units?

Our international Scented Brand Extension has a 4 month minimum turnaround.

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